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About our Name:

The name, Owners 1st, was chosen when we formed our company because we wanted property owners to understand that our primary goal is to give their interests first priority over all else. That means extra attention to details in how their properties are maintained and extra attention to details when screening potential renters for a property.

But we also strive to establish and maintain a good relationship with renters as well. It is always in the best interests of property owners that tenants are treated with respect and that their needs are addressed promptly if problems arise. This helps keep occupancy fairly constant while providing steady, reliable rental income for property owners.


Suzanne is the person most renters will first communicate with as they search for properties that will meet their needs. Suzanne is also the person who prepares highly detailed pre-move-in and move-out property inspections that often include several photographs as well. This level of detail becomes particularly important for property owners if a dispute arises with a tenant about how they have treated a property during their occupancy. Should legal action become necessary, this documentation, particularly the group of photographs, invariably results in a favorable settlement for property owners. Suzanne also helps screen potential tenants to try to find tenants that will take good care of a property as if it were their own.

How Owners 1st Manages your Property...


Prior to managing your property, we check the condition of various areas both inside and outside of your house. We make detailed notes and usually take numerous photographs of your property. This serves as evidence of the condition of the property prior to a Renter moving in. The notes and photographs are kept in a separate file reserved for the property. In some cases, we will suggest repairs or some changes (such as carpet replacement, new blinds, replace refrigerator) that will improve the ability to rent the property. A partial list of area items we check are listed below.

Before we can assume responsibility for your property in our role as your managment company, we ask that you first sign a Property Management Agreement with Owners 1st. This serves as a contract between both parties and includes details that define your responsibilities as property owner and ours as the property manager for the life of this contract.


For all of our managed properties, tenants are required to pay a security deposit prior to moving in. This deposit helps to defray any unusual costs that may be incurred while preparing the property for renting again. For tenants that may have pets that come into the house, we also require that they pay a non-refundable pet deposit.


Once we assume responsibility for managing your property, we always perform "Move-In" and "Move-Out" inspections that are similar to the initial inspection of your property. Details of our "Move-In" inspection are recorded in a "Move-In" report that we go over with a tenant. They must sign and date this document before they move any of their belongings into a dwelling. This document, kept on file during our term of management, serves as a reference for a "Move-Out" inspection that is performed prior to a tenant vacating the property. Any changes to the condition of the property other than normal wear and tear are recorded in a "Move-Out" report that we discuss with a tenant. They are required to sign this document as well before we can proceed with expediting a refund of their security deposit.


While we would like every tenant to recover the full amount of their security deposit, sometimes there are circumstances where this is not possible. The "Move-Out" report helps determine if a tenant receives a full or a partial refund of their security deposit. In some cases, the cost for repairs and/or replacement may exceed the amount set aside as a security deposit and there can be no refund. In these rare cases, unless the tenant can pay these extra costs in a timely manner, we use a garnishment procedure to recover these costs.


As manager of your property, we represent your interests if it becomes necessary to take legal action against a tenant for some issue we cannot resolve without intervention of the courts. This includes evictions from your property, garnishment of wages to recover past due rent or costs for repairs to your property that exceed the tenant's security deposit. In most cases, we are able to work out things with tenants and avoid the costs and delays inherent in working through the courts. We also represent your interests in the rare case where a tenant feels it necessary to sue an owner for some issue related to your property.


As part of our services as your property management company, we can help you maintain your property's appearance as well as help you maintain and repair items associated with your property. This includes routine property maintenance, and replacement and repairs of items such as HVAC and Furnance Units, Appliances, Electrical and Plumbing items, Painting, and even occasional Carpentry repairs. We also offer a cleaning and "trash-out" service to help prepare a property for renting after a tenant vacates it. This service is helpful when a tenant is unable or unwilling to restore a property to its condition just before they first moved in.

Lawns and Shrubs

Tenants living in rental houses usually supply their own lawn mower and are expected to maintain their lawn and shrubbery. However, for both single and multi-unit properties, owners often ask us to maintain their lawns for an agreed-upon fee. These fees, where applicable, are deducted from rents received for the property.

Tree Cutting and Removal

This is an area that goes beyond routine lawn and shrub maintenance. From time to time it may become necessary for one or more trees to be trimmed or cut down and removed. Whether the property is multi-unit or not, we can take care of this for an agreed-upon fee. The owner is also free to take care of this as well. Our fees, where applicable, are deducted from rents received for the property.


We work with a number of highly experienced professionals who can perform maintenance in areas such as HVAC and Furnace repair/replacement, basic carpentry, sheet rock repair/replacement, painting, plumbing repairs including Hot Water Heater repair/replacement, Appliance repair and replacement, electrical repairs including controls - fans - switches and light fixtures. Costs for repairs are always much less than what an owner could expect to pay for the same service from an outside service company. We pass these savings on to the owner. There are no markups or add-on charges. The costs for repair and/or replacement work are deducted from rents received for the property.


To protect the interests of the owner, we make numerous checks on prospective tenants where possible and within the confines of legal limitations. Basic checks are a tenant's Employment History, Rental History, Criminal Record Check, and a check on their Credit History, where available. We also meet face-to-face with each prospect before or during their visit(s) to your property. This provides an opportunity to get a "gut-feel" about the prospect: are they evasive in answering questions about themselves, their job, their past rental experiences? Does it look like they maintain their automobile - is it a fairly old model or more recent - is the paint faded or body damaged - are the tires pretty worn? While there are no guarantees anyone will become a perfect tenant, we try our best to find someone who will take care of your property as you would want it maintained.

Leasing Fee

Once we assume responsibility for your property and a qualified renter has applied for a lease and has moved in, we keep the first month's rent as our Leasing Fee. This helps us recover the costs of advertising your property and showing it to prospective tenants.

Management Fee

Each month, beginning with the second month of occupancy, we charge a set fee which is a percentage of the rental amount. This is our property management fee. There are exceptions where we may waive this fee.

Late Rent Fee

Rent, as is clearly stated in the rental lease agreement each tenant signs, is always due no later than the 3rd day of the month and must be received before the end of the business day. There are exceptions to this for certain holidays and extraordinary circumstances. This Late Fee is split with the owner. The Fee is currently $100.00. This means that an owner can expect to receive $50.00 extra when the tenant is late in submitting their rent.

[Home Owner] Association Fees

The property owner provides us with their Home Owner Association's monthly fee statement/slip and we automatically pay that fee for the owner each month after deducting it from rent received for the property.


Each month, Owners 1st prepares a statement for each owner. The statement clearly shows their rental income for that month, any deducted maintenance costs, any deducted Association Fees, any Late Fee income and Late Fee split charges, a Leasing Fee or a monthly Management Fee. Every item is categorized on the statement making it easy to quickly identify income and expenses. A check is printed for the amount shown on each statement as "Balance due owner". The statements and the checks are mailed to each owner fairly early in the month. In some cases, we make direct deposits for owners, if requested. Owners 1st also prepares 1099 statements and mails them to each owner no later than the first week of February.

PARTIAL PROPERTY AREA ITEM CHECK LIST (some items may not apply):

We check and record the condition of the following Exterior area items: Location of Main Water cutoff valve box, lawn, sidewalks, driveway, patios, trees and bushes, retaining walls, exterior doors and light fixtures, fences, window screens, general condition of roof (use as reference if leaks in ceiling occur), carport, outside faucets, HVAC unit(s) appearance, etc.

We check and record the condition of the following Interior area items: Walls and ceilings, baseboards, windows and blinds, switch and receptacle plates, other trim, carpet - tile - linoleum and other flooring, light fixtures, sliding glass doors, other interior doors and locks, cabinets, smoke alarms, water heater and cutoff valves where applicable, kitchen appliances such as stove - refrigerator - garbage disposal - microwave - dishwasher, kitchen sink(s), condition of bathroom sinks - tubs and/or showers - toilets, exhaust fans, HVAC registers/grilles, Air Handler and Furnace appearance, garage door(s)and garage door opener(s), Utility Room washer hose hookups, etc.

NOTE: For our initial property inspection, even though we assume that the owner has ensured that items such as HVAC units, Furnace, Air Handler and filters, Washer hose connectors/valves, and Appliances have all been checked by professionals, we still take a look at these items prior to any move-in. If our technical support personnel have to repair or replace any of these checklist items, we charge those costs against the first month's rent and collect our leasing fee the next month.


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